Stay Home, Get Creative with Fujifilm Instax Cameras

AS all the outdoor travel and activities like concerts, sports events, schools, and tourist hot spots have been cancelled or postponed due to the ongoing global pandemic of COVID-19. Thinking what is there to do while stuck indoors? One can consider this time as a blessing in disguise to do the things one always wished to do. 

From spending quality time with family, learning to cook one’s favourite food item, finish reading a long pending novel, creating a healthier lifestyle by eating healthy food items, exercising, meditating, etc. Staying home brings an opportunity to develop a new perspective and lifestyle. So, one can cherish this time spent with loved ones and print out all those beautiful memories with Fujifilm Instant cameras and maybe create a mural or frame a few – get creative!

Fujifilm has listed a few suggestions to help all make the time at home as interesting – and perhaps even as productive – as possible.

Here one goes!

·       Bonding with family: We all are always swamped with work from office and under pressure to meet the various deadlines ranging from assignments to exams. This is the best time when one can renew and spend quality time with one’s family members. Playing Ludo, carom board or some board games are some of the ways where the whole family can get involved together. One should not forget to capture these wonderful moments with Instax Mini 11 that clicks and delivers images instantly.

·   Painting, drawing, craft and Instax:

It is the best time for all the art lovers to delve into their thoughts and create something creative. Whether it is creating something with left over material, or painting the wall of one’s bedroom in a creative way. One can also indulge and raid one’s Instagram account with gorgeous pictures of one’s home.

·       Exercising and becoming close to nature:

For those who like to stay fit and connect with the Mother Nature. This is the best time to indulge in some exercise mode, plant new saplings, and prune one’s plants in these days. Exercising and gardening is probably one of the most relaxing and de-stressing activities of all time.

·       Finish reading the book planned to in the beginning of the year:

During new year’s, we all make resolutions and promises to ourselves and are never able to finish it by the end of the year because of our hectic schedule. During this time, one can fulfill one of those promises of finishing a novel, so one can get on and find a cozy corner and catch up on some reading. One should not forget to club it with a nice hot cup of coffee and capture the moment of staying home with one’s Instax camera.

·       Training one’s dog:

There is no better best friend that  one’s own dog. Spend this time with one’s pet, by feeding, grooming, bathing and training him. All this will not only bring him closer but also recharge one for the day and even make one feel happier than normal. Capture and print these quality moments with one’s pet with instax SHARE SP-2 that instantly prints all the images from a smartphone.

It is understandable that all are going through an unusual phase in the lives, but the key positive side to it is that now is the opportunity to have the time to stop and check how one feels about things and people around

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