New strategy for conservative management of Knee Osteoarthritis launched

SENIOR citizen suffering from osteoarthritis can now benefit from a new strategy for conservative management of knee osteoarthritis adopted by Pune’s Sancheti Hospital.

Hailed as a disease-modifying strategies concept, the hospital has recently launched an innovative brace — Pune OA-Knee Strategy (PKS). This method can halt and even regress the progression of the ailment, imparting fundamental independence to millions. Dr Parag Sancheti, chairman and managing director of Sancheti Hospital, said, “Knee Osteoarthritis is a major orthopedic disease that is now, very often presenting itself in healthcare. Osteoarthritis is the wear-and-tear type of arthritis that commonly affects the knees of older people. The disease frequently affects one side of the knee more than the other. The PKS and the knee brace for osteoarthritis will help reduce pain and disability by using a multimodal approach. This will definitely improve a patient’s ability to get around as their mobility will get a boost.”

The PKS brace is very suitable for those in stages one or two to cut short the progression. For patients in stages three or four, knee replacement is the traditional option, which can also be avoided with the brace. This device is embedded with sensors that calculate the knee range of motion and the amount of exercise the patient needs. It also has an inbuilt stimulator that provides neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NEMS) to activate weakened muscles and make them stronger. The apparatus comes with a mobile app, which can help a remote healthcare provider to supervise the therapy and activity level. Every patient’s data is then synced with the cloud and can be used for research purposes to constantly improve the process. Assessment of his or her osteoarthritis status, functional status, supervision and advice from healthcare professionals will be provided on the app from Sancheti Hospital. More details are soon expected to be on their websites.

These parameters will definitely aid the patients, believes Dr Anil Bhave, director at Orthopedic Rehabilitation Center in Sinai Hospital, Baltimore, USA. He said, “This strategy will help in controlling the disease early and in the long run make the patients healthier and more functional. Osteoarthritis cases need to be tackled early to avoid disability, especially when we have a comprehensive strategy in place. While it may not be a sure-shot way to avoid surgical intervention, it is going to get the number down. The new technology has the potential to relieve millions of people across the world from pain and disability and we should use it optimally in Pune.”

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