DeepTek forms partnership with Doctor-NET

DEEPTEK, a Pune-based health tech startup, has entered into a strategic equity partnership with Japanese teleradiology company, Doctor-NET Inc, a subsidiary of JMDC Inc, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

The current scenario in the health-care industry has highlighted the need for cutting edge health solutions, thus emphasising on innovation and value creation to overcome the challenges faced all over the world by healthcare professionals. DeepTek’s mission is to make quality radiology services more affordable and accessible by leveraging the power of AI. It is amongst very few Radiology AI companies which have successfully adopted its technology in a commercial mode – creating clear and quantifiable value for patients, hospitals, and radiologists. Currently, it is servicing over 70 hospitals and imaging centres and helping governments (India and APAC region) in their Tuberculosis, COVID and other public health screening programmes.

Doctor-NET Inc, is a leading company with the largest share in the remote image diagnosis support industry in Japan, completing 25 years since incorporation. They provide remote image diagnosis support for 1.8 million cases annually, with 800 radiological specialists in Japan, making it Japan’s largest radiology diagnostic specialist platform. To further contribute to the development of medical image diagnosis, they plan to develop AI-RAD, a platform that combines remote image diagnosis support service by leveraging artificial intelligence.

On this occasion, Doctor-NET President & CEO, Masako Hasegawa said “We are considering strategic expansion to other Asian and African countries, and aiming for smooth global expansion by combining Doctor-NET’s experience and know-how in Japan with DeepTek’s technical strength and local knowledge through this investment”

Ajit Patil, Co-founder of DeepTek said “Doctor-NET and DeepTek share a common vision. Our solutions enhance patient care while improving the productivity of radiologist multi-fold. Partnership with Doctor-NET enables us to leverage each other’s expertise and helps DeepTek extend its reach in Japan, which is amongst the top global radiology markets.” 

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