Datamail protects users from Homograph attack

TO provide highly secure email services ‘Datamail,’ powered by XgenPlus of Data Xgen Technologies has added a security feature that will warn users and protect them from Homograph attacks. With this ‘Datamail’, which provide free linguistic email services, becomes the first Indian technology providers to provide high cyber security features in its email service.

A homograph attack has become a norm these days. Attackers register domains that are similar to the originals. IDN homograph attacks are used by cybercriminals to lure users on websites they didn’t intend to access and ‘Datamail’ security feature will warn them when accessing sites with domain names that look like authentic websites. For example, crooks often register misspelled versions of popular domains, such as to host phishing pages and steal users’ credentials.

Datamail’ is the World’s first linguistic email app developed by Data Xgen Technologies and it is a free email service that allows a user to create an email address and communicate via email in their preferred language. The company currently provides email addresses in 15 Indian Languages along with International Languages such as Chinese, Russian, Thai, Arabic, Cyrillic and so on. The company presently has over 23 million users and it offers the most secured service in terms of any cyber attack including homograph.

Normally, crooks are well-trained IT professionals and they know how to lure users. They have dramatically improved the design of phishing scams, using convincing images or the inclusion of iframes whose content is pulled in from an authentic page. Our tech professionals have worked hard to make ‘Datamail’ foolproof against homograph attack. Users immediately get security signals,” said Dr Ajay Data, founder and CEO of Data Xgen Technologies.

Email Security will remain a high priority for Data Xgen. What needs to be understood is that with special features incorporated in ‘Datamail’ users can easily protect themselves from homograph attacks which may sometimes lead to financial losses. Our email service ‘Datamail’, designed and developed in India, takes care of all security issues,” he added.

Data Xgen recommends email users to pay serious attention to the links that scam emails redirect to because often the fraudulent sites are hidden behind shortened or compound addresses, so as not to reveal their intent at first glance. ‘Datamail’ has now in-built features to detect, warn and protect users from any kind of Phishing.

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