‘Fresh Start’ for oil-clear freshness

HIMALAYA Drug Company, India’s leading homegrown Wellness Company, have launched their all-new Fresh Start Oil Clear Face Wash range which keeps the skin oil clear and fresh. It is loaded with the goodness of fruits such as strawberry, peach, lemon, and blueberry.

Fresh Start face washes are formulated with natural beads that work mildly on the skin to remove oil, while the fruits provide freshness. The Himalaya Fresh Start Oil Clear Face Wash range comprises four exciting fruit variants – Strawberry, Blueberry, Peach, and Lemon.

Speaking on the launch, Rajesh Krishnamurthy, business director, consumer products division, The Himalaya Drug Company, said,As market leaders in the Face Wash segment, our endeavor has always been to understand the evolving needs of consumers and provide them with healthy skin. Himalaya Fresh Start is uniquely positioned to deep cleanse and remove oil for a soft, supple, and oil-free feel. Youngsters can look forward a Fresh Start, all day, every day!”

Speaking about the new range, Ramarao Dhamija, general manager – marketing, consumer products division, The Himalaya Drug Company, said,“’Fresh Start’ is a very exciting range that comes in four variants to provide oil-free skin. It is the perfect companion for the quintessential college girl, who is constantly on the go, with barely any time to take care of her skin.

We have therefore maintained a very vibrant and young approach for the brand, in terms of packaging and overall communication. We aim to make Himalaya Fresh Start a must-have in every college girl’s skin care kit.”

The face washes are priced at INR 75 for a 50ml pack and at INR 140 for a 100ml pack.

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