Yardley launches Eau De Cologne (EDC) pocket sanitiser perfume

YARDLEY, a Wipro Consumer Care brand, has introduced pocket Eau De Cologne with 70 per cent alcohol content that can provide 99.9 per cent germ protection. This out of home alternative for Eau de cologne can be used as an alternative to a sanitiser. It contains the goodness of Lavender Oil and the soothing fragrance of iconic English Lavender. It comes with a convenient pocket size pack with a spray pump. About three to four sprays are enough to sanitise hands. Each pack comes with 250 sanitising cologne spray. 

Manish Vyas, Vice President, and Business Head, Yardley India, Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting said, “Eau de Cologne has always been used for Sanitising purpose as they have required quantity of Alcohol. What makes Yardley Pocket Eau de Cologne different, is that it provides sanitising in the Spray format, which offers the convenience of usage on-the-go. It can be used anytime and anywhere. It is handy as it easily fits into a pocket or a handbag.” Mr. Vyas said that the global research and development team of Yardley and Wipro Consumer Care worked in collaboration to launch this product in a quick time. A product of this nature is the need of the hour.

Our product and research teams across Asia and India worked closely to help us launch this in India.”

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