Emailing, now possible in any language, globally

Ashish Modi, country head – corporate affairs, Data Xgen Technologies and Vikram Surelia, national head- telecom, Data Xgen Technologies

NEXT billion people, especially non-English, will be on the Internet in their own languages globally. Thanks to the Indian IT firm, Data Xgen Technologies, which has made this possible through its innovative linguistic email technology.

The company currently provides email addresses in 15 Indian Languages along with International Languages such as Chinese, Thai, Arabic, Cyrillic and so on. Recently, at the World IT Show in South Korea, Dara Xgen Technologies launched ‘DataMail’ in the Korean language on @우편.닷컴 ( Korean email services have started as Make in India ‘DataMail’ have empowered local people to get an email address in their own language. Earlier, with the launch of email services in Arabic, Russian, Thai and Chinese languages, Data X Gen Technologies have become the first Indian IT firm to provide linguistic email services globally.

The company has started providing ‘DataMail’ e-mail service in Korean script for people of Korea. Service is free of cost to individuals and chargeable for corporate e-mail IDs, that can be installed through the DataMail App.

The service has been launched with many innovative features to get delivery and read receipt of emails. DataMail also comes with “secret keeper” to protect card details, passwords etc under the app itself.

“Korea is a large linguistic market which makes it an obvious choice for ‘DataMail’ services. The Korean language is spoken by the people in North Korea and South Korea and by the Korean diaspora in many countries including China, United States, Japan, and Russia. Currently, Korean is the fourth most popular foreign language following English, Japanese, and Russian,” Ajay Data, founder, and CEO, Data XGen Technologies Pvt Ltd said.

“E-mail address service is dominated by English globally. ‘DataMail’ service will be the first to provide an e-mail address in Korean script for free to 80 million Korean native speakers which will benefit the dynamic economy and high-profile companies like Samsung, LG, Hyundai, Lotte & SK Telecom. Ever-growing global presence, the Korean language has high demand in the Job Market.” he added.

Users can visit or download DataMail Mobile App from IOS App Store or Play Store free of cost. It is accessible through computers using all popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Netscape, Safari, and Flox.


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