COVID-19 demands for transformation of HR, pay policies: Paysquare

IN a bid to mitigate the economic impact of the global pandemic, Paysquare, the industry leader in payroll processing solutions recommends swift HR and payroll policy changes to enterprises.

With authorities across the globe enforcing a work from home framework, enterprises lurk in confusion and uncertainty regarding the operations of their business-critical processes.

For a large chunk of businesses, the unprecedented crisis is taking a toll on their HR and payroll processes resulting in a loss of employee productivity. Paysquare, amid the prevailing pandemic and its economic side effects, has activated its disaster recovery measures to eliminate any service disruption to its esteemed clientele.

‘’Enterprises at present are not only staring at massive disruptions of their revenue-generating processes but are also battling with low employee morale and productivity. Since work from home as a concept is new for a large segment of businesses, it is necessary for organisation heads to invest in remote HR and payroll ecosystem. Paysquare in the midst of the current global crisis reiterates its commitment to offer comprehensive support to enterprises in deploying a rewarding remote payroll infrastructure,’’ said Rakesh Jain, CEO and Founder, Paysquare.

With employees restricted to their homes, dedicated payroll portals will not only infuse motivation in them but will also facilitate in accessing essential documents like salary slips, leave records etc. from the comfort of their residences.

‘’We highly recommend enterprises to invest in cloud-powered, robust and most of all secure payroll platforms to leverage uninterrupted payroll processes including monitoring employee attendance and work hours to minimize productivity loss,’’ added Jain.

Paysquare nurtures a legacy of employing highly proficient experts with extensive knowledge of local and global payroll norms. The industry leader has also set new benchmarks in leveraging cutting-edge technologies including Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots to offer the best service delivery experience to enterprises.

In a work from home scenario, the chances of a confidential data breach including revenue and salary figures surge exponentially. As a frontrunner in the industry, Paysquare has implemented a multi-layer security mechanism including strict compliances for its employees to ensure data security of its clientele.

‘’Our value-added services like ESS(Employee Self Service) portals, employee performance management tools warrants unparalleled transparency, boosting employee confidence and satisfaction in these challenging times,’’ said Jain.

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