Avana creates 54 crore liters of water storage in drought-laden Marathwada

MARATHWADA is one of the most drought-laden regions in the country, with over 500 villages already facing a severe water shortage.

Avana is an initiative of Emmbi Industries Ltd focused on using frugal innovation to create affordable water conservation solutions for Indian farmers. As of January 2019, Avana has created 4,120 ponds that impacted 24,722 people, saved 16,482 mn litres of water and increased farmers income by 98.7 per cent.

Today, Avana is celebrating the visionary approach of 120 farmers who foresaw the drought and conserved 54 crore liters of water over the last year. The company is also awarding three prizes for its Avana Jalasanchay 2018 Lucky Draw Scheme held at India’s largest agri-show ‘Kisan 2018’ in Pune. Every farmer who visited Avana’s stall at Kisan 2018 and booked a pond by paying an advance amount, was entitled to one lucky draw coupon per pond.

Avana also conducted expert guidance sessions with two water conservation experts, Vijya Borade and Uddhav Khedekar.

Maithili Appalwar, head of Avana Initiative, said, “At Avana, we’re taking a 360-degree approach to water conservation. We don’t just help build farm ponds, but we bring the best global technology at affordable prices, connect farmers to banks, help them collaborate with water conservation experts and partner with grassroots youth to generate employment where we go. We’re now working on using data-driven approaches and the Internet-of-Things (IoT) to help farmers use the water they conserve in the most optimal fashion possible.”

Makrand Appalwar, CMD, Emmbi Industries Ltd, said, “Avana is committed to bringing the latest international technology in water conservation to improve the prosperity of every Indian farmer. We want to put the power back in the hands of the farmer and let them decide what they want to grow, where they want to grow it, and when they want to grow it. A constant water supply opens a lot of doors.”

Avana launched the world’s widest width of pond liner at Kisan 2016. At Kisan 2017, it introduced Protex Technology in pond liner fabric, which increased the life of the pond liner and sustainability under the direct sunlight or UV rays. In December 2018, it launched Fish Friendly Pond Liner made with HABI-TEC technology, in order to increase farmers income by giving him as an additional source of revenue in his farm pond. It understands the needs of farmers and tries to give solutions as per their requirements.

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