Left is almost, always Right!

DOING away with all the misconceptions and misunderstandings about being left-handed, students attending Abhigyaan session on January 19, 2018, stepped out with great respect and concern about left-handers.

Bipinchandra Chaugule, the founder president of Association of Left Handers in India and regional coordinator of the Handedness Research Institute USA, addressed the gathering with examples of how-how the Indian society looks down upon left-handers and treats them wrong.

Family members, friends and all individuals around left-handers need to understand their limitations and help them overcome problems they may face while living in the world of right-handers, he said. Chaugule pointed out that all tools, starting from educational material to industrial equipment, are designed with a focus on right-handers, This makes it difficult to use and operate such tools, leading to failure in accomplishing the expected goals, he added.

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