SmartLinks to benefit Indian MSMEs

INDIA’S leading MSME- focused digital payments platform Instamojo has introduced SmartLinks, an offering to help MSMEs scale their businesses by exercising better control over payment processes and business operations. The move aligns with the company’s vision to digitally empower India’s MSME sector through hassle-free and affordable solutions, aiming to take the customer base from five lakhs to 25 lakhs by 2020. The announcement also marks the sixth year anniversary of the company.

SmartLinks brings to sellers an efficient platform to streamline buyer payments and customer data collection, translating into more organized businesses. Speaking on the launch of SmartLinks, Sampad Swain, CEO & Co-founder, Instamojo said, “We were the pioneers in introducing the concept of online payment links to the Indian digital payments space. Following the success of payment links, we decided to upgrade our services by introducing SmartLinks. This enhanced version of the flagship payment link came as a result of the insight on how the customer base of small businesses was impacted due to unforeseen challenges in business operations and customer payments. With SmartLinks, businesses can now optimize and customize their payment system as required, and with e-commerce growing at a rapid pace, SmartLinks is a service that can help merchants stay relevant.”

Adding more value:

The basic online payment link helps merchants initiate and complete the process of an online transaction. By using the SmartLinks feature, merchants can customize the payment link basis the nature of the business transaction. Small business owners can:

  • Auto Expire Payment Links on a specific date and time or after a number of payments. This is extremely useful for discount sales and cases of limited stock availability.
  • Provide an option to buyers to edit the payment amount. Helpful for sellers who’s customers may pay them partial payment or advance payment
  • Collect Customer Shipping or GST details during payment. This helps avoid additional expenses in terms of wrong shipping/billing of units
  • Redirect customers to the merchant website after payment
  • Change the cover image or colour of the payment link to resemble the merchant website
  • Send a single/common Payment Link to multiple customers via Email or SMS
  • Convert the Payment Link into a copy-paste button for your website

For small businesses, keeping pace with the rapidly evolving digital era has been a constant challenge. This also has a direct impact on the growth of the business and its customer base. With SmartLinks, merchants can today leverage their businesses by bringing in a structured approach in terms of digital payments, thereby providing for quality customer service.

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