Indian students win the Big Data award at Imagine Cup 2018

CHIDROOP I, Pratik Mohapatra, and Srihari H S, from R V College of Engineering, Bengaluru have won the 15,000 dollar Big Data award at the 2018 Imagine Cup world championship in Redmond with their innovative app, DrugSafe. They were one of the three student teams representing India at the Imagine Cup 2018 global finals.

DrugSafe aims to address the growing global issue of counterfeit drugs by helping people verify the authenticity of medicines. The team encountered the issue of fake medicines when one of their friends showed no signs of recovery after weeks of taking a prescribed medication. Learning that nearly half of all medicines sold in India were fake, they decided to create an app that could authenticate medicines and trace them back to their source.

The app uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to identify minute details in the design and packaging of medicines and compare them to the original manufacturer’s patented and trademarked attributes. After three levels of checks, discrepancies are flagged to help users identify medicines as counterfeit. Machine learning and AI-aided statistical analysis also help identify a potential epidemic outbreak in a region. The team designed a simple User Interface (UI) for the app so that it could be used by anyone regardless of age or technical skill and have the widest possible impact.

The team plans to utilize the prize money to seek new partnerships and integrate more Azure services into the app to make it more powerful.

Team smartARM of Canada emerged as the world champion of Imagine Cup 2018 with their robotic prosthetic hand that calculates appropriate grip for objects utilising Microsoft Azure Machine Learning and Computer Vision.

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