DigiShield now helps Doctors restart their Clinic without compromising on safety

UNORECEDENTED times amidst COVID-19 have made doctors most vulnerable as they are in the front line. Fear of infection has resulted in the healthcare system coming to a grinding halt. Patients are fearful of  visiting clinicals due to the risk of the infection.

Is there a solution for this crisis? Are we able to restart India’s healthcare system safely and effectively? 

DigiShield  has been specially designed to analyse a patient’s corona carrier risk. Using proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms, infection for both Doctors and Patients is dramatically reduced. Simply put, DIGIShield determines if the patient intending to visit the doctor’s clinic is at a high risk of being COVID-19 carrier or not.

COVID-19 has made it difficult for people with conditions like diabetes, heart diseases and cancer to get prompt treatment or even basic medical advice. Children, the most vulnerable, and the elderly, need to have safe and effective access to doctors. DigiShield can effectively bridge this gap between healthcare and patients, while minimising the collateral impact of the coronavirus.

Sanket Baralay, Founder/Chairman of DigiShield, said Access to care was a critical problem in India prior to COVID-19 as there was a mismatch between demand for doctors and their availability. Post COVID-19 and norms of social distancing, doctors availability is likely to decrease as demand continues to increase.  COVID has compelled us to challenge the status quo and think outside of the box. By embracing advances in Artificial Intelligence, a bleeding edge Digital Health Solution like  DigiShield can not only restore our healthcare  system quickly, but also increase access to care as everyone is now comfortable with remote interactions. We believe that every challenge is an opportunity,  every moment of adversity is a gateway to a bright future. We have made DIGIShield free to help us all zoom to the future, now. Think of DIGIshiled as a Doctor’s security. Airports have x-ray scanners, metal detectors are everywhere, what ensures a safe Doctor – Patient interaction at clinics and hospitals? The only answer is DIGIShield” 

Here is what one needs to know about DigiShield’s revolutionary solutions that are quick, convenient and essential.

DigiShiled’s singular focus is to help Doctors assess a patient’s Corona Carrier Risk before the patient enters the clinic. A pre-visit AI powered remote screening is conducted without the Doctor’s involvement which determines a patient’s Corona Carrier Risk (the risk of the patient being a corona carrier). The process takes literally  two minutes and does not involve the doctor. 

If a high risk patient is identified, doctors can have a quick and convenient telemedicine consultation right from within DIGIShield. DIGIShield helps doctors issue electronic prescriptions and collect cashless payments, automatically make appointments and more. All this is done while doctors write prescriptions on their own prescription pads and with zero added effort on doctors and their staff.  It’s as easys taking a photo – let DIGIShield do all the hard work. 

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