Titan enters alliance with US watchmaker FTS USA LLC

Mayor of the Fountain Hills City- Ginny Dickey along with Kunal Naik, CEO FTS USA and S Ravi Kant, CEO – Watches & Accessories

TITAN Company Limited, the world’s fifth-largest watchmaker, has signed a strategic alliance with an American watch manufacturing company ‘FTS USA LLC’ located at Phoenix, Arizona. This alliance equips FTS USA by setting up a quartz movement assembly unit in the USA to manufacture’ Made in USA’ for American watch brands. Titan will further extend its support by supplying movement kits and the setting up of the movement assembly facility, training of US engineers at the Titan facility alongside Titan’s engineers visiting the facility to facilitate the establishment.

On this occasion, S Ravi Kant, CEO- Watches and Accessories, Titan Company Limited said, “Titan Company designs and manufactures 16 million watches and movements a year and we have the technical know-how, expertise, and competence in the field of watchmaking. We have invested in a world-class state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to produce high quality as well as complex watches. This alliance with FTS signifies Titan’s three-decade-long expertise and passion for watchmaking. With the advent and penetration of smartwatches in the world market, the traditional watch manufacturers are facing the heat to relook at their portfolio. However, the opportunity for growing the traditional watch market through differentiated designs and superior quality still exists. We are happy to support FTS, through this new facility, in helping them revive the American watch manufacturing industry.”

Nearly all large-scale watchmaking for the US market is done outside the US. These include countries ranging from the traditional manufacturing hub of Switzerland to China, Japan, Philippines, and India. Through this alliance, FTS sees an opportunity to make more classic watches and movements. The new facility will lead to higher quality, fewer shipment delays, and a better connect with U.S. customers. This facility at Fountain Hills, Phoenix was recently inaugurated with two operating assembly lines. The inaugural event was attended by the Mayor of Fountain Hills and other senior officials along with heads of many American watch brands.

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