Kubota starts sales of engines in India

KUBOTA Agricultural Machinery India, (KAI), the Indian subsidiary of Kubota Corporation, has started sales of industrial engines for OEMs in addition to a current product portfolio that consists of tractors, rice planters, harvesters, and power tillers. Industrial engines to OEMs in India had been previously sold directly from Kubota Corporation in Osaka, Japan.

India is a strategic market for us, foreseeing continuous growth in off-road engine market especially for constructions and industrial machinery. Establishing an engine sales base in India had been our target as a big step to solidify our presence in India” said Yasukazu KAMADA, general manager, Engine Division, Kubota Corporation.

As the awareness for the conservation of the global environment has increased, emission standards for industrial engines have become more stringent and so has it in India, expecting Bharat Stage 4 to be in force in 2020.

With our experience from North American and European markets where emissions regulations are more stringent than that of India, we are confident to be able to support OEMs in India to correspond to the foreseen emissions regulations renewal,” Kamada added.

Speaking on this new engine sales base in India, Akira KATO, managing director of KAI commented “This is a big milestone for KAI after 10years since its inauguration. We are fully committed to building strong relationships with OEMs and engine business partners in India for the further growth in future”.

With this new engine sales base, Kubota strives to offer OEMs close and reliable support throughout product life-cycle.

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