TechnoFox to hold world’s first virtual reality expo

DEVELOPERS of real estate in and around Pune, need not go looking for buyers all over the world and vice-versa. Both, developers and potential buyers of real estate can now make the best out of TechnoFox, the world’s first reality expo, starting from March end.

TechnoFox, a futuristic and unique digital marketing concept, will provide a vibrant virtual platform for builders to showcase their brand and property projects with a transforming experience to homebuyers. Using a high-end technology like Virtual Reality (VR) they will be able to generate simulations or recreation of real-life environment or situations.

Meanwhile, visitors will get immersed by a stimulating and mesmerising 3D and 360-degree audio-visual experience. Vineet Deo, (CMD, Posiview), Tarak Shukla (MapleLEAF), Samudra Gupta (Congnilements) and Khagesh Desai (Melzo) share with TechTrail, their perspective, and details of the new initiative.

Vineet Dev (CMD, PoseView) said, “Considering the fact that, buying a home is an emotional goal for every individual and has always been a challenge through traditional ways of exploring property options, it is about time the real estate industry changes their marketing techniques to attract and increase footfalls at their doorsteps. With a growing demand for real estate, the need for a reliable ‘property locator’ is the need of the hour. The visualisation of the property exteriors and interiors through virtual reality is what TechnoFox VR Expo facilitates for potential buyers, along with real-time visitor data analytics and VR collaterals to the builders.”

The VR Expo concept demonstrates the power of technology to witness the creativity on any hand-held device and will showcase the next leap in marketing strategy to open a completely new horizon for marketing the real estate projects for the builders. The VR Expo will empower and enable home buyers to explore their needs and arrive at a much quicker decision through a virtual walk-through experience of the showcased properties from renowned builders. The impeccable and delightful VR experience will certainly create a positive expression of interest for buyers to explore and decide on a property purchase, which will help builders boost sales conversions and achieve revenue targets.

TechnoFox is organising the VR Expo specially crafted for the real estate segment in the Pune region and the Expo will be launched just before the auspicious occasion of Gudipadwa. With TechnoFox, potential buyers from anywhere in the world, will be able to virtually visit the proposed site, take a virtual look at the property, compare prices, amenities provided and share the information with relatives, family members or friends. On the other hand, developers need no run between different cities participating in real estate exhibitions to display their proposed property through stalls and wait for customers to visit and take a look. Instead, they can display their projects on TechnoFox and know as soon as potential buyers visit the site, so that they can later be contacted on the basis of their interest.

This concept will go a long way in saving time and efforts for both, developers as well as potential buyers of property, Deo said.

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