Orchids use robotics for strong foundation in the subject

ONE of the critical aspects of education in schools today is to imbibe an aptitude for technology and inculcate the spirit of innovation among young minds.

Taking serious note of this, Orchids, The International School, has implemented Robotics classes for students from Grades one to nine. The School, known for innovation in teaching methodology and trans-disciplinary approach to curriculum, has introduced Robotics as a key initiative to encourage students to explore and learn about technology.

The key objectives of introducing Robotics are:

  • Creating an inquiry-based hands-on learning environment
  • Helping students to boost their creativity
  • Developing a strong foundation for the careers of the future
  • Teaching use of basic parts of the robots – gears, pulleys, torque, friction, timing, sensors, etc
  • Helping students design robots for specific activities
  • Teaching them the use of programming software

Equipped with a smart robotics lab, the school uses individual robotic kits for students to experiment and learn. Each student is mentored to develop a natural aptitude for technology and encouraged to think creatively and innovate.

Dr Rashmi Singh, principal at Orchids, Sarjapur, Bengaluru says, “Our primary objective for introducing Robotics is to inculcate an interest in technology among the students and assist them to be future ready.”

Some of the proven benefits of implementing Robotics in schools:

  • Motivates children to learn Science, Mathematics and Technology through observation, experimentation, inference, drawing, model building, rational reasoning, testing, etc
  • Creates curiosity, excitement and a sense of exploration among children in Science, Mathematics, and Technology
  • Fosters a culture of innovation and promotes inquiry-based learning
  • Helps achieve learning levels appropriate to the class of study in Science and Mathematics
  • Enables schools to be incubators of innovation

Gazala, science teacher at Orchids, Thane, Mumbai says, “Introducing Robotics has brought about new levels of energy among the students. There is an excitement of learning something through hands-on experience. As Robotics also uses Math and Science, students are able to relate better to these subjects as well.”

Tanuj, a student at Orchids, Masjid Bunder excitedly shared, “We have fun while learning different Robotic concepts as we are provided with our own toolkits to learn practically. We also get to take these kits to our home which helps us spend more time experimenting.”

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