Nitesh Bhardwaj, Ayush Nigam, Shashank Nimkar win at 8th National Conference on Social Innovation

THE Pune International Centre (PIC) announced winners under three categories including Urban, Rural and Tribal at its 8th National Conference on Social Innovation (NCSI) organised in association with the National Innovation Foundation & Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai.

The 8th National Conference on Social Innovation (NCSI) recognised 18 social innovators from urban, rural and tribal categories out of 100 entries from various fields including education, health and environment. Each category had six innovators, out of which one from each category was chosen as winner.

The winners at the 8th National Conference on Social Innovation, under three categories, included Nitesh Bhardwaj, Founder of Ulgulan Foundation in Tribal category, Ayush Nigam, Founder of Distinct Horizon in  Rural category. Shashank Nimkar, Founder of Earth Tatva in the Urban category.

Ulgulan Foundation in Tribal category is working to create social awareness and raising local issues by using mobile films in tribal areas of Maharashtra, while

Distinct Horizon in Rural category is innovating agricultural machinery that can double the profits of farmers and reduce GHG Emissions in five times lesser cost than solar panels and half the time.

Earth Tatva in Urban category works to reduce mining for natural resources by making products from recycled ceramics under closed-loops zero-waste manufacturing process.

The winners will be offered a cash prize of Rs 50,000.  

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