MarketsandMarkets: Elevating its leadership position

PUNE headquartered, MarketsandMarkets, the world’s largest revenue impact research and advisory firm focused exclusively on emerging, high-growth markets,  has achieved significant milestones in terms of growth and global expansion. MarketsandMarkets achieved more than 100 percent revenue growth over the last two years and currently serves more than 5,000 corporate clients worldwide, including 80 percent of global Fortune 2000 companies.

Elevating its leadership position in the global research and advisory market, MarketsandMarkets recently established a US headquarters in Chicago with plans to rapidly hire U.S.-based talent over the next few years.

MarketsandMarkets services more than 5,000 corporate clients globally, achieving more than 100 percent revenue growth in the last two years

According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2015/2016 Global Report,  more than half of businesses fail due to lack of profits or financial funding. While today’s revenue comes from known sources and established, mature markets, future revenue will depend heavily on identifying new sources of income. MarketsandMarkets is the only firm that provides exclusive insights on more than 30,000 emerging, high-growth niche markets not currently tracked by any other firm, enabling its clients to identify new revenue opportunities and build competitive advantage. Additionally, by mapping out a company’s entire customer ecosystem, MarketsandMarkets is able to identify future revenue not just for its client, but the client’s customers and the customers’ customers, as well.

“I founded MarketsandMarkets because I recognised that the world is increasingly becoming interconnected, and no research existed at the time on next-generation opportunities that impact a company’s entire ecosystem,” said Sandeep Sugla,  founder and CEO of MarketsandMarkets. “As we continue to ramp up our offerings and expand into new markets, our vision remains the same, to arm our clients with an extended lens on future disruptions that support revenue growth goals.”

“It’s exciting to be a part of a global company that is completely disrupting the way businesses identify future revenue sources,” said Shaliendra Singh, chief operating officer at MarketsandMarkets. “No other company in the world understands the interconnectivity of niche markets the way we do, and provides actionable insights that impact revenue growth. The future looks bright for MarketsandMarkets, and I’m committed to help further elevate our client service to new heights and accelerate our growth globally, particularly in the U.S.”

In addition to competitive intelligence, MarketsandMarkets also provides detailed market segmentation for industries such as technology, services and applications across all geographies. By providing research ahead of the curve, MarketsandMarkets is uniquely positioned to help its clients identify new opportunities, most important customers and sources of incremental future revenue.

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