InMobi earns the third spot

Announcing the annual ranking for its Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in India Fast Company, has revealed that InMobi has earned the No. Three spot. Selected amongst a pool of more than 1,000 global companies, InMobi reflects today’s expanding innovation efforts across industries and countries.

“We take immense pride to be featured on Fast Company’s ranking, a listing dedicated to innovation,” said Naveen Tewari, founder and CEO at InMobi. “Any organisation that anchors itself on pursuing new breakthroughs in their business landscape knows too well that innovation is a constant endeavor requiring efforts that are sustained. At InMobi we have embedded this in our system, our culture, in how we think, and it’s now become second nature to how we operate, allowing us to stay ahead of the curve.”

InMobi represents a dynamic and inspiring class of companies around the world to be featured on Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies list. This recognition comes to InMobi for its innovative efforts in leveraging its core competencies and strategic efforts to make an impact.

These path-breaking initiatives include:

  • AI and ML which sit at the company’s core, running billions of auctions to ensure ad relevance and personalisation to its customers
  • The InMobi Video Viewability Suite making InMobi the first independent in-app advertising platform to integrate both IAS and Moat at the SDK level to achieve the highest level of independent viewability measurements
  • InMobi’s Anti-Fraud Framework to protect and enhance value for advertisers which scrutinises fraudulent activity at each point upstream, right from the time of publisher onboarding, to the install event
  • InMobi’s Remarketing Platform which creates more efficient targeting in the app world to ensure retailers and brands reach the right consumers and increase their overall lifetime value


InMobi was previously featured in Fast Company’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in India in 2016.

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