Indians not leveraging technology for home and digital safety

INDIA has made various advances through technology to ensure the overall safety of the country. 

However, when it comes to leveraging technology for improving home and digital safety, more than half of the people in the country are not leveraging technology to its fullest, highlights Godrej Locks Har Ghar Surakshit report, conducted by Research Now. Through this survey, Godrej Locks took a deep dive into the use of technology by people against home safety threats like robberies, thefts, burglary and digital safety threats like phishing, data theft, credit/debit card fraud, among others. In India, people are aware of technology and its benefits, but are not making optimum use of it for their safety.  

As per Godrej Locks ‘Har Ghar Surakshit’ report, while 89 per cent Indians prefer high-tech home safety solutions like digital locks, yet 61per cent don’t want to upgrade to these solutions for homes. When it comes to digital safety, 51per cent Indians don’t use a reputed anti-virus for computers. 51per cent Indians don’t read security features of their online accounts, thus making them vulnerable to digital threats. 

People use technology for other aspects of daily life. Yet, when technology is offered to them in home safety solutions like digital locks, the adoption remains low. Surprisingly, the research also suggests that for 69 per cent Indians, cost of high-tech home safety solutions is also not a hindrance when buying them for homes. 57 per cent even prefer technology while investing in home safety solutions.

This indicates a resistance to use technology for home safety persist in spite of affordability and willingness.  It further highlights that 60 per cent Indians are more concerned about home safety than digital safety. However, with 62 per cent not prepared to handle cyber threats, they need to upgrade their digital safety levels as well. 

A further deep dive into regions across India to check their adoption of technology to ensure home safety showed that 67 per cent people residing in the West region, 62 per cent in the North, 57 per cent people in the South and 54 per cent people in the East region, do not want to upgrade to high-tech safety solutions for homes. In today’s times, with an ever-rising cases of home intrusion and cyber-crime, a shift is required to get technology awareness into action, for improving both home and digital safety. 

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