Greatest sales growth award for GP Petroleums

GP Petroleums Ltd, leading lubricant makers in India and part of UAE-based GP Global Group (earlier Gulf Petrochem), have won the ‘Greatest sales growth award for Repsol Lubricants’ at the Global EMAI Awards 2017 held in Madrid, Spain.

GP Petroleums recorded the highest growth of 74 per cent in India for Repsol Lubricants as compared to all the other markets that the Spanish oil major is present in.

Speaking on the occasion Orlando Carbo, lubricants director, Repsol said, “We are pleased to note that the growth of Repsol in India is encouraging and this award is a token of recognition. India is an exciting market and we plan to increase our market presence through GP Petroleums in 2018”.

In 2018-19 we will introduce the complete portfolio of products in motorcycle, passenger motor & commercial vehicle segment, including synthetic lubricants. The focus will be to increase the number of dealer counters and to get closer to the consumers, mechanics, and workshops” said Hari Prakash M, CEO, GP Petroleums while accepting the award.

GP Petroleums launched Repsol’s lubricant business in India in 2016 and has been recognised with this award in just their second year of operations in the country. GP Petroleums has the exclusive right to manufacture and market Repsol’s superior and comprehensive line of premium quality lubricants across India.

In a recent, exclusive Repsol branded Helmets were launched as a safety initiative for the riders which has also been recognised at EMAI awards. GP Petroleums Limited continuously eyeing to connect with various OEMs for genuine oil tie-ups and in parallel integrated marketing initiatives for India market following the global marketing ingenuities.

Repsol lubricants are commercialised in more than 70 countries and the products are known to meet the most demanding quality standards. These premium products are produced by GP Petroleums in their manufacturing plants in India, with modern testing facilities, in accordance with the stringent quality standards, certified by Repsol.

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