Latest in digital transformation solutions at Nice Technovation

AFTER the successful launch of Technovation last year, Nice, the leading provider of both, cloud and on-premise enterprise software, hosted the second edition of Technovation 2018 in Pune.

The two-day comprehensive conference, which was held on May 3 and 4, explored the world of disruptive technologies such as big data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning and its role in transforming business operations, reworking business strategy and devising a new approach for growth. The event was around latest key disruptive technologies that enable organisations to get “Customer Experience Done Right”, theme ofTechnovation event.

During the event, Nice solution experts spoke about upcoming technologies covering Analytics, Voice of the Customer, Workforce Engagement Management, Voice Biometrics, Recording, and Automation. The conference was attended by some of the most prominent members from various industries and C-suite from esteemed brands in India and the globe.

TheTechnovation conference offers a common platform for networking between technology leaders and solution seekers along with informative panel discussions for business executives to get more exposure to a wide range of enterprise technology industry. Commenting on the conference, Sanjay Gupta, managing director, South Asia, and Middle-East said, “Technovation is our flagship annual event and we are very excited to see a large number of customers attending this. We are hosting this event at NICE’s Global Talent Centre, which is the hotbed of innovation; developing many of the industry-leading technologies that are impacting customers experience, employee engagement strategies, and business excellence. This event is designed to equip customers with the insights and technologies that will enable their organization to excel and get customer experience done right! Also, it offers the latest trends in the industry by bringing together the technology leaders and quintessential tech innovators from around the globe in one single forum.”

Nice also honored the best players under Nice CX Excellence Award 2018 in four categories – Best Business Impact, Best Employee Engagement, Best Customer Experience and Rokie of the Year.

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