TCS Recognised as a ‘Winner’ in Enterprise Artificial Intelligence Services 2018

TATA Consultancy Services (TCS),  a leading global IT services, consulting and business solutions organization, have been positioned in the ‘Winner’s Circle’ in HfS Research’s “Enterprise Artificial Intelligence(AI) services 2018 Blueprint”.

“Automation that leverages Artificial Intelligence is at the heart of the digital transformation that enterprises are going through to adapt to the imperatives of the Business 4.0 world,” said P R Krishnan, EVP & head, Enterprise Intelligent Automation, TCS. “Our positioning in this report is the recognition of continuous focus on innovation and investments in building differentiated offerings that transform operations.”

TCS has pioneered the Machine First Delivery Model that leverages automation, robotics and artificial intelligence to help enterprises achieve their business outcomes faster, with reduced risk. The core principle of this model is to pair humans with, and not versus, machines. It uses the ability of machines to solve complex problems faster, better and handle large volumes and breadth of coverage, while humans provide inputs for machines to learn to solve complex problems better. The resultant machine intelligence delivers multi-fold productivity improvements and elevates customer experience to newer highs.

TCS works closely with enterprises to help them move up the automation maturity curve in a controlled, predictable and planned manner. It has a broad portfolio of strategic automation consulting offerings covering cognitive, AI, application transformation, agile and DevOps technologies, roadmap creation, and IT risk assessment. TCS’ enterprise wide intelligent automation framework covers Application Services Automation, Intelligent Process Automation and Intelligent IT Operations.

  • Intelligent Process Automation: Business value chain automation for business process cognitive and AI based business solutions.
  • Application Services Automation: DevOps tool chain, application lifecycle automation, test automation, and intelligent assurance.
  • Intelligent IT Operations: Monitoring tools, command center (application & infrastructure), runbook automation, service desk automation, and workplace and EUC automation.

TCS has strong partnerships with leading providers of Robotic Process Automation as well as cognitive automation tools. In addition, TCS’ cognitive automation product, ignio™, which uses contextual awareness to autonomously diagnose and fix issues in enterprise IT operations, has seen significant market success in the last three years since it was launched.

“By setting up and formalising its Enterprise Intelligent Automation business unit, TCS is starting to galvanize the AI efforts as well as driving a much more holistic automation strategy beyond the early focus on proprietary IP. The effectiveness of those efforts can be seen in a broad set of AI use cases demonstrating an increasing maturity. Many of those deployments focus on industrialization and ease of use which is reflected by clients referencing the ability to scale. Testing cognitive capabilities are a crucial lever to advance and scale projects thus helping clients to progress toward the notion of the OneOffice,” said Tom Reuner, managing partner, business operations strategy and M&A advisory, HfS Research.

“TCS’ cognitive offerings have been designed to drive end-to-end digital transformation with next-generation cognitive automation and AI-based solutions. Our machine-first approach, strength in industrialisation, world class intellectual property and partnerships with leading third party providers of AI tools and platforms have made us the preferred partner for enterprises deploying intelligent automation in the new Business 4.0 world,” added PR Krishnan.

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