Writing is all about expressing yourself: Sudha Menon

IF we want to write something, will anyone read it? And even if they do, what will they say about it?

“Talking about the self-doubt that people experience when they first start writing, we have to understand that writing is all about expressing oneself and not impressing anyone,” said author Sudha Menon.

She was speaking at Writing With Women (WWW), a workshop she organised on the occasion of International Women’s Day at Munching Route Café, Baner. Menon, who is the author of books including Feisty At Fifty, Legacy and Devi and Diva or She-Devil was joined by women from across different walks of life who are pulled together by shared experiences, their love for the written word and the need for networking.

Menon who founded WWW three years ago said, “Even though we make up half the world’s population, women get very little opportunity to voice an opinion or express themselves. When a woman writes, she not only tells her story but also the story of the society, gender dynamics and the status of women in society.”

Menon said that participants in her workshop developed confidence from sharing their experiences, formed bonds with likeminded women and learnt to write about their life with joy and confidence.

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