Voltas encourages use of new technologies to counter air pollution

IN recent years, air pollution has been a cause for major concern with several cities across India reporting extremely poor air quality index (AQI). As a result, people living in highly polluted areas are left to with short-term and long-term respiratory illness. The situation is even more critical this year, with the increased focus on safeguarding immunity to avoid being susceptible to COVID-19. This has led to several organisations coming up with innovative products to combat various kinds of pollution. One of the pioneers in the cooling and purification space, Voltas came up with innovative features in products to address the problem of indoor air pollution which is believed to be five times more polluted than outdoor air.

Aiming to provide a safe enclosed environment, Voltas has been introducing technologically superior products that have a variety of features to improve the indoor air quality. The Company was one of the first to introduce ACs range with built-in air purification features and aims to grow its portfolio of health-centric offering in the next quarter.

These products include:

  • Air Purifiers- Voltas offers a range of air purifiers with an excellent 6-stage filtration process, a precision of 0.01 micron, and a filtration rate of 99.9 per cent. Some of the features like negative ion generator, removes PM 2.5, digital air quality indicator, UVC led, ultra-quiet operation, high-efficiency filters, intelligent sensors.
  • AC with Air filters- Most of Voltas ACs come with air filters up to 4 stages that kill germs and other allergens in the air. The Company recently launched the PureAir Maha Adjustable Inverter AC which is effective in killing 99.9 per cent viruses, bacteria, Fungal, Yeast & Mould. Additionally, to reduce global warming, Voltas uses eco-friendly R32 Refrigerant in its inverter ACs.
  • Air Coolers with Air filters- Voltas introduced air filtration functionality within Air Coolers as well. In fact, Voltas Alpha Fresh Air Cooler can act as an air purifier or an air cooler.
  • Duct based UV systems: Ruks GermiTron UV based products is incorporated in HVAC ducts for disinfecting the air. These UV based products remove 90 per cent of germs and viruses per air passage.

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