Special children give lessons on Corona

Special children dressed as doctors, police officers, farmers, Mahatma Gandhi and even ‘Corona-Sur Mardini’ conveyed lessons on the ongoing Corona pandemic to all citizens in Pune and Pune district. The activity in which the special kids got a chance to showcase their creativity and talent was organized by Pune Teachers Activity Group on the occasion of Costume Competition and Corona Literacy Competition.

As the country is under the lockdown at present, the competition was organized online for all the disabled students in Pune district between May 18 and May 31. A total of 180 students including 90 mentally handicapped students, 55 deaf students and 35 visually impaired students from various schools for the disabled in Pune district participated in the competition along with their parents and siblings who helped them don costumes of doctors, police, farmers, saints and vegetable vendors among others with a message against the Corona virus.

Under the Pune Teachers Activity Group, the staff of the special schools, their students and parents and other general students have been carrying out various activities to promote the qualities of the disabled children. However, due to the current lockdown, most of these activities are performed online.

 Pune Teachers Activity Group has been working for many years to give confidence to the disabled students and members of the group including Ravindra Joshi, Daivat Limon, Ashok Nangre, Prashant Gadde, Hemant Yadav, Pooja Gayawal, Meghna Joshi, Chitra Shinde, Kiran Suryavanshi and Sushma Sonawle worked towards making the costume competition a success.

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