Look extra gorgeous this festive season

AS the festive season approaches one tends to toll the skin with a variety of cosmetics and makeup products to look good at all occasions. And the poor skin is blamed if it breaks out during the festivities due to its sufferings. On top of it, when one does not follow a hygiene and nutritional regime for skin, it becomes even vulnerable by making damages that take longer to heal back.

Omkar Kulkarni (MD Ayurveda) Head R&D Department, Netsurf Network provides skin care tips to look extra gorgeous this festive season…

Here are some basic quick tips to care for your skin before, during and after the festive season.

Seven best ways to make the skin festive-ready:

  • Never skip the removal of makeup: How much ever fatigue one has after the party, never skip the makeup removal step. Use the best quality makeup remover and once removed, follow a good cleansing regime before bed.
  • Select your makeup brands wisely: What one wears on the skin for hours is extremely important. Don’t let the brands with flashy ads take over, select the one with lead-free and non-carcinogenic ingredients, organic pigments
  • Increase the frequency of herbal facial: All it takes to be a party or festive ready is well-groomed skin. One can increase the usual regime of skin facials a bit as far as one makes sure that the best herbal products are being used for the same.
  • Hydration is the key: Let not the upcoming winters make one forget to drink enough water. Set the water target for a day and go on achieve it every day. Internal body hydration solves most of the skin problems during winters and it will also solve the dryness issues.
  • Exfoliate despite dry flaky skin: most people mistake not to exfoliate their skin regularly during winters as their skin becomes dry and flaky. You need to understand the being dry or flaky is body’s response to the climate and regular exfoliation will help the skin to get rid of the dead cells, dirt which in turn re-balance the oil levels on the skin.
  • Moisturise skin twice a day: considering the extreme consequences of the climate, one needs to apply moisturiser minimum twice a day, once after a bath, and secondly before bed. It will be best if the skin is well cleansed and little moist which applying the moisturiser. Choose the best moisturiser for the skin type.
  • Sun Protection: Dry skin catches tanning real fast, hence do not forget to apply a good Sunscreen lotion (SPF value 30++ is enough for Sun in India) regularly before stepping out of the shade to protect the skin from harmful UV rays.

The other ways to care for skin could be to use Herbs & More products by Netsurf Network. These products are all natural and herbal hence do not damage your skin but heal and sooth it after using the cosmetics.

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