Ensuring safety of supply chain, delivery executives, customers

Flipkart Group has given utmost priority to the safety of its supply chain, the delivery executives and the customers with whom they interact.

All the warehouse and delivery partners are adhering to the government and WHO’s guidelines on safety/hand hygiene, etc during deliveries (including using sanitisers, masks, etc) and in the whole supply chain that they manage. They are also constantly monitoring the health of employees and delivery associates using thermal scans/thermal guns.

For the supply chain and logistics network, they have organised more than 3,000 awareness sessions covering over 100k employees across all their facilities on how the employees and partners can minimise their exposure by following simple precautionary measures.

Some of these measures include:

· Temperature screening using infra-red thermometers has been made mandatory for all employees, vendors and visitors. Persons with suspected flu symptoms are advised to return home.

· All the facilities are thoroughly cleaned with disinfectant to ensure a safe work environment. Deep fumigation is carried out regularly

· They are ensuring the availability of antibacterial soap and hand sanitizers at the entry point of each facility.

· Advisories have been issued to all employees and staff regarding washing of hands and hygiene measures before entering the warehouses, fulfillment centres and other premises

· Frequent sanitisation of surfaces at entry points is being done, and this precautionary measure is extended to trolley handles, lift switches, equipment and doorknobs

· It is also being ensured that there are no gatherings of employees and visitors at entry and exit points and a distance of six feet is being maintained between staff. 

· There are educational posters in regional languages to constantly remind staff of safety measures.

They are also keeping a thorough and regular track of the affected areas through our centralized security team to avoid exposure of our employees in those regions.

For all cash-on-delivery (COD) shipments, customers have been requested to pay through digital payment gateways and UPI. Customers also have the option of requesting the delivery partner to leave their packages at the security booth of their residential complexes in line with their complex’s guidelines (in case of online payments) and thereby encouraging fully contact-less deliveries.

The executives (full-time employees and those on contract) are covered with both life and medical insurance, and anyone who contracts COVID-19 or is placed under quarantine will be provided leave with pay and other benefits, this is irrespective of whether it was contracted on the job. 

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