COVID-19 rewired fabric of workplace: Research

SALESFORCE, the global leader in CRM, today revealed India insights from its report titled, ‘Global Stakeholder Series’. Insights from this report reveal the changing ways in which we are working today, including the digital imperative pushing companies to re-examine their business models; the all-digital, work from anywhere world; and the role of businesses as a platform for change. This report surveyed 20,000 people across ten countries, including 4,000 people from India, focused on gaining insights about the participants’ perceptions of the future of work from around the world. 

Insights reveal that remote work is a luxury not available for all and that working remotely will look different everywhere. 53 per cent of survey participants from India say that they would switch jobs if it meant they could work remotely. Companies have had to transition to remote work overnight — leaving employees with an urgent need to skill up to succeed in an all-digital world. There has been a heightened interest in online learning since COVID-19 with 83 per cent of survey participants from India saying they are more interested in online learning/training. 

The pandemic has pushed companies to adapt to new realities that are radically transforming how they operate and serve both their employees and customers. In the rush to digitize, businesses must ensure the safety of their employees. Businesses should prioritise workspace design and technology to ensure employee safety at work and emphasise employee mental health. In fact, 79 per cent of survey participants from India say technology should play a major role in workplace safety.  

The findings reinforce the importance of businesses to prioritise closing inequalities, and companies in India are in a position to do so. 65 per cent of survey participants from India say closing global inequalities should be a high priority for businesses and 61 per cent of Indian respondents say their employer must give back to their community. Trust in business and government is significantly higher in India than the global population; 89 per cent of survey participants from India trust businesses to create a better future and 70 per cent of survey participants from India trust business leaders to create a better future. 

Commenting on the news, Dulles Krishnan, Area Vice President, Salesforce India, said, “Amid the global pandemic, companies have been leveraging technology to pivot their businesses at hyperspeed. This new all-digital world poses an opportunity for business leaders to rethink how they not only connect with their customers but also their employees. By shifting our priorities on our employees, ensuring safety and reskilling for the future, we have the opportunity to use technology to make the future of work a more inclusive and resilient environment.”

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