Ben Franklin provides safety glasses to doctors and healthcare workers

AS doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, and professionals address this global pandemic, they are facing an unprecedented challenge in saving people’s lives and, adding an extra layer of safety to protect their own lives. According to the World Health Organisation, along with the nose and mouth, the eyes play a big role in the spread of the coronavirus.

For example, COVID-19 can be transmitted when a healthcare worker has contact with a contaminated surface and then touches their face again inadvertently, or any organic matter while treating a patient falls on them. Therefore, along with a mask to cover their nose and mouth, protective eyewear, goggles, or a face shield has been highly recommended by WHO and should be made mandatory for those on the front lines, who seem to have the highest levels of risk of exposure to the virus.

To prevent the spread of COVID -19, Ben Franklin, India’s largest Clinic based optical retailer is contributing 20,000 safety glasses to doctors and healthcare community workers across India as a small step, in helping to protect themselves from exposure through eyes.    

Ben Franklin, owned by Eyegear Optics India Pvt Ltd, is India’s leading optical retailer with a current network of 450 stores, spread across 24 states in India, dispensing 1 million glasses annually.

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