Amazon gives wings to the dreams of the Pune-based women

THERE is nothing more thrilling than hearing the success stories of women, especially those who have achieved their dreams.  These success stories are not just about two women but thousands of women who want to explore their potential to be career woman, earn a living off their own and uplift others in the process.  Pune-based Ekta Sonawane and Rekha Badwal are two such women who have managed to overcome all odds and not only become financially independent but also become a core part of Amazon India’s operations.  

While they both come from different backgrounds and have different skillsets, they share a common dream – to make their own success. Both have also faced their fair share of struggles; Ekta as a single mother and Rekha being confined to a wheelchair but neither allowed this to deter them from their dreams.  With their own ventures not yielding the desired results, they looked for other opportunities. Ekta was looking for financial independence, flexibility and the resources to grow her business. Rekha, on the other hand, was looking to move up in the corporate world. Although their aspirations couldn’t be more different, both found their dream jobs with Amazon India.

Working with Amazon India’s I Have Space (IHS) programme, Ekta has been able to build her business, Ekta Enterprises. The IHS programme is a unique initiative that enables local storeowners to partner with Amazon and earns an additional income while also increase footfalls to their shops. Ekta, like many other local store owners, provides pickup and delivery services to customers within a 2 -4 kilometre radius of her store. Having only been part of the programme for a few months, Ekta’s accountability, customer-focused and safety-first approach have won her the respect of her customers. While delivering customer packages, Ekta ensures she follows all safety measures, which also includes no-contact delivery.

Speaking about her journey, Ekta said, “The flexibility and opportunities from these roles have enabled me to be financially independent. Not only am I able to grow and learn new skills but I am also strengthening my business.  I am happy to be able to help customers and deliver smiles all around. Being part of an ecosystem that encourages me to fulfil my dreams is a blessing.”

Having joined Amazon’s Customer Service (CS) team in Pune two years ago, Rekha is a core member of the team who operates as a bilingual frontline agent to address customer queries. Rekha carries out her role with diligence, and her commitment has seen her being awarded for her efforts. She imbibes Amazon’s principle of ‘Customer Obsession’ and manages complex scenarios with ease. With many of her differently-abled colleagues having no exposure, Rekha was committed to enabling them to grow; she worked with leaders to help them get over regional language barriers so that they could also support bilingual customers as well.

Her resolve to pushing boundaries knows no bounds, Rekha is heavily inclined towards sports and is a professional basketball player. She was part of the team that won the state-level championship in the year 2019. Rekha said “The opportunity from Amazon has not only helped me earn a livelihood, but it has also empowered me to build a better future. Today, I am more confident and self-dependent. It has been a wonderful journey to be a part of Amazon and I feel privileged to play my role in its customer-focused approach.”

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