Zebion launches first antivirus with Netlux

Sanjay Ghodawat with IT dealers and technology experts at the launch

PUNE based Zebion Infotech has launched its first Total Security Antivirus, in technical collaboration with Netlux.

The software will accompany Zebion branded desktop computers and is part of a drive, by Zebion towards deeper hardware-software convergence. This release follows on the footsteps of at least nine smart products launched by Zebion in the last two years, including cloud-based surveillance cameras, motion triggered alarming and recording devices, app-based speaker systems and smart television sets.

The Zebion-Netlux Antivirus system was launched by Sanjay Ghodawat, chairman Sanjay Ghodawat Group, who in his keynote address lauded Zebion’s roadmap of continually releasing hi-tech products that better or enrich the lives of consumers. In a formal presentation, Zebion proclaimed that their new antivirus was found to be better than other products in the same price bracket after several consumer research studies, involving relatively large sample sizes.

The product has been in the development stage for nearly three years and has been extensively tested before release. Despite being purported as a superior alternative to existing systems, the price points of the packages are about 25 per cent lower than the competition, making the products accessible to the masses. Zebion’s CEO, Yogesh Dagale told reporters, “We want this product to reach all small towns and even the rural heartland of India. Families and businesses with any kind of computing device will be able to protect their data with our advanced anti-malware system”.

The Zebion-Netlux package seems to be the first to aim largely at a semi-urban and rural market. Several IT retailers (dealers) from across Maharashtra were present at the launch event, and Zebion promised to provide extensive training to them through local workshops. Several business consultants were also present, including popular business coach Chakor Gandhi. Zebion’s COO, Abhinandan Dagale, explained “Our internal research actually revealed that the nature of computer infections and security vulnerabilities suffered by urban and rural PC users can be somewhat different. Our package is primed to serve both consumer profiles”.

The technical potency of the system was reaffirmed by Netlux’s founder and CTO, Sushant Katare, who stated “We conducted unbiased technical tests, in a controlled environment, and found our anti-malware system outperformed others in all major areas of protection – viruses, worms, crypto- viruses, trojans, ransomware, rootkits, phishing, and spyware”.

The product has useful features to secure online payments, safeguard online banking transactions and to protect identity. Zebion referred to this transaction protection capstone as ‘Safe Money’.

One antivirus distributor, Vinal Chajjed, who has been wholesaling various products of this genre for years, complimented the new package after attending a technical workshop. Chajjed said, “After working in this sector for over 12 years, I must say this new product seems to be top-notch, mainly due to its user-friendly interface and fast scanning speed”.

Zebion’s presentation asserted that the company was hoping to capture sizable market share through this product and its upcoming avatars, to be unveiled later this year with multilingual capabilities – highly valuable to Indian consumers.

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