Web application to benefit 100 million people with disabilities

INCLOV, the world’s first inclusive matchmaking app that is helping people with disabilities find a life partner have launched Inclov Web​, their brand new web application.

Together with the android and iOS apps, the matchmaking platform hopes to now be able to reach and bring members of the differently abled community from across India on one single inclusive platform – Inclov. Coupled with Inclov Lite​ (text-focused version of the app for visually challenged people), Inclov Hindi (users can now register and chat in multiple languages including Hindi) and the newly-inducted tickets booking facility for Social Spaces (Inclov’s offline meet up platform); the all-new web app experience is primed to help more than 100 million people with disabilities in India meet new people, make new friends and eventually find a life partner for themselves.

Hailed as a ‘fully-inclusive and accessible platform’ for everyone (https://web.inclov.com/), Inclov helps people with disabilities and health disorders socialise, and find love and a partner of their choice. With the all-new platform, a new layout and a simpler, user interface design has also been announced. Users can now keep a track of all their connections, chats and can also know when the other users are on-line
to receive their messages. Moreover, Inclov Lite​, an accessible, text-friendly version of the app has been especially created for people with low vision or with visual impairment.

With only 12 percent of the differently abled population in India speaking English, Inclov Hindi​ hopes to reach the community members in far-flung, rural places and provide them the chance to access and register with their simple smart-phones and begin the search for their matches on-line.

Kalyani Khona (co-founder, Inclov) believes that with this web app they are now primed to reach out to every person with disability in India thus, solving the major issue of bringing this community together on
one platform.

“Inclov Web app is a major milestone for our community. Along with the android and iOS applications, we are now hopeful that any person who can go on-line via a laptop, computer, tablet, mobile or any other hand-held device, can get all the benefits Inclov has on offer. From registering on the app for matchmaking, to booking tickets for Social Spaces meet ups, to signing up for our personalised matrimonial service; Inclov Web is a truly all-inclusive platform meant to include our differently abled friends back in the society and assist them in independent living through technology,” says Kalyani.

Inclov Web app features:

· Innovative new layout: ​An innovative, new layout with a classy design experience makes it easy for users to register, interact, share, and grow with friends like never before. The new, simplified, in-depth connections screen gives users a 360 degree look at their app profiles.

· Inclov Lite:​ An innovative accessible, text-friendly version of the app has been created especially for people with low vision and visual impairment. Inclov Lite has been designed with lesser images and
prominent text placements to remove any hindrance in the usage by their users, both in appearance and in function.

· Inclov Hindi​: Inclov Web also provides users the ability to register and chat in Hindi language (other languages will be added soon), thus allowing a vast majority of people with disabilities a chance to look
for their partners even in their native language.

· Social Spaces tickets​: For the first time, users can now directly book tickets for the popular Social Spaces meet ups held across the country directly through the web app. They can also sign up for Inclov Select, Inclov’s premium matchmaking assistant service from within the web app itself.

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