Fastrack launch limited edition Deadpool watches

All superhero fans hold the breath! Cause this May, Fastrack is launching watches from the Deadpool Collection and it’s that one piece of accessory one will have to own if one is a Deadpool fan.

For smart, tongue-in-cheek, crazy millennials who love to flaunt that swanky piece on their wrist, the Deadpool Collection from Fastrack is what they need next! And what’s better is, these are limited edition watches which one can pre-book even before booking movie tickets for Deadpool 2.

Priced at Rs 995, these limited edition collectible watches from Fastrack come in 10 variants. To pre-book watches from the Deadpool Collection, one can visit Fastrack stores across the country or order them online The Deadpool Collection from Fastrack will also be available exclusively on e-commerce website Flipkart.

Explaining about the Deadpool Collection Ayushman Chiranewala, head of marketing, Fastrack says,“The Deadpool Collection from Fastrack is a collection of 10 watches, as mad as Deadpool himself, and will take one’s style quotient to a notch higher. We wanted to team up with a Hero who is as wacky, crazy, irreverent and witty as Fastrack. Someone who packs a punch, makes you laugh your guts out while being utterly cool and someone who’s badass with a tendency to break the fourth wall as and when required.”

All customers preordering the watch will get a free movie ticket. Fans also have a chance of winning watches from the Fastrack Deadpool Collection by participating in the #FlashYourFastrack campaign. All they would need to do is, take a picture with the life-size cut out of a watch and Deadpool displayed at 170 Fastrack stores across the country and upload them with the #FlashYourFastrack hashtag.

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