Cooking with some innovation

SAMSUNG, India’s most trusted consumer electronics brand, have launched a new Microwave range for 2018, which will revolutionise Indian cooking with an innovation that has been made specifically for India. The world’s first ‘Masala, Tadka and Sun-dry’ Microwave has been designed for homemakers, millennials and working professionals in India under Samsung’s ‘Make for India’ initiative, strengthening its commitment to the country.

With the new features, consumers can easily prepare Masala and get the perfect texture and aroma, akin to conventional cooking. Moreover, one can also prepare various types of Tadka with ease. The Sun-dry feature lets you dry preserve your food in the same way you do it under the sun, much faster than you expect.

Samsung has been continuously focussing on innovating and improvising their product line as per the requirements of the Indian consumer. With rapid lifestyle changes, the microwave has become an apt alternative solution to conventional cooking. Seeing the growing demand, we planned to come out with an Indianised (Make for India) microwave which is capable of cooking, tempering (Tadka), drying and heating. The innovation will help our consumer save on time and energy while making their life easier,” said Mr. Rajeev Bhutani, senior vice president, Consumer Electronics Business, Samsung India.

The all-new Masala function has an inbuilt feature for cooking and perfect browning of masala. With the masala mode, you can still have it as per your own recipe and taste. With Tadka feature, consumers can make Tadkaseasoning effortlessly with the press of a button. Be it a Punjabi Dal or Bengali Dimer Jhol, the Tadka made using the new microwave uses less oil, cooks quickly and efficiently as per individual’s taste. Both the functions reduce cooking time and cut down electricity consumption. Importantly, there will be no need to continuously stir and supervise.

Sun-dry is an old method of food preservation in which the food is dried under the sun. This is a tedious process which takes a couple of days and requires constant monitoring and more importantly exposing the food to open air and intervention by birds and stray animals. Consumers can do the drying in just a few minutes using this microwave and at the same time take care of hygiene concerns. Sun-dried tomatoes, apple, potatoes, bitter gourd, bananas, etc. can be prepared in this microwave. So, if you want sun-dried tomatoes on your pizza or taste the home-made badi, the Microwave can do it all for you.

Furthermore, these innovative microwaves come with Ceramic Enamel Cavity which is solid and scratch resistant. It makes the microwave durable and easy to clean; making it hygienic and 99.9% bacteria free. These technologically superior microwave ovens ensure that cooking time is reduced, heat penetrates deeply and evenly and all nutritional values are preserved.

The new 2018 range of Samsung Microwaves come in Blooming Saffron patterns and, Neo stainless silver and black colours.

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