Belkin launches EasyAlign

THE phone screen (new or old) deserves the best protection available. Belkin – a world leader in premium mobile accessories, is giving users that with its ScreenForce Tempered Glass screen protector, and the ability to apply it at their convenience, with the precision and perfection of a professional.

Belkin has launched EasyAlign Trays with the ScreenForce® Tempered Glass Screen Protection; a first of its kind mobile accessory built specifically to be the ultimate defence tool your iPhone X, XS, and XS Max deserves.

These uniquely engineered accessories are a staple of design innovation and are manufactured by highly experienced industry professionals to be stronger than regular glass; providing a cutting-edge defence to shield your phone’s screen against scratches, impact, and debris.

In addition to providing a thicker, resilient and hard-wearing layer of protection for your phone screen, these tempered glass screen protectors mimic the look and feel of your standard iPhone screens. They even go as far as to retain the smooth glide and feel of your original screens. It is engineered utilizing premium Japanese glass and has been tested extensively in order to exceed customer’s expectations- delivering the brightness, sharpness, and clarity your iPhone deserves.

The innovative Easy Align tray offers a simple and accurate self-installation process for an even application to guarantee maximum protection. The tray keeps the iPhone in place during application and aligns the protector with the screen’s edges with ultimate precision. The tray ensures that one doesn’t end up with a corsage of an air bubble, a cause of frustration for many.

To be able to provide our customers with the ultimate safety tool for their phone screens while constantly stepping up our innovation game has been an exciting challenge. Not only do we focus on quality at Belkin, but also constantly look at how we can elevate and improve the customer experience. Belkin’s EasyAlign is our latest product to empower consumers to take phone protection into their own hands.” says Kartik Bakshi, Belkin’s National Account Manager for India.

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