Advanced elevator, escalator sanitising, touchless elevator calling solution launched

INDIA has become the fifth worst affected nation by the COVID-19 pandemic. To make its every elevator and escalator a safe and healthy space for its passengers, thyssenkrupp Elevator (India) has launched advanced elevator and escalator sanitising solutions.

Not to mention, the elevator world is witnessing major changes in the way it operates whether it is physical distancing on the elevator or huge demand for advanced sanitising solutions and touchless elevator calling solutions.

“In order to take our customer‘s safety and convenience to the next level amid COVID-19 scare, we are also developing various smart and user-friendly touchless elevator calling solutions such as Proximity sensor based solution, QR code based solution, and Bluetooth based solution. By developing these multiple solutions, we are trying to cater to the diverse requirements of our customers, said Manish Mehan, CEO- thyssenkrupp Elevator (India).”

Escalator handrail is one of the highest risk surfaces of all, as handrails are touched by every passenger young and old. To make handrails free from any pathogens and to prevent the disease transmission at all times, thyssenkrupp Elevator (India) has launched a high intensity UV sanitizing unit. These units automatically sanitize every inch of the handrail on every pass, to make it safe for everyone.

“Furthermore, as we strive to make every elevator a healthy and disease free space, we have launched advanced Air purification solution, LED thermal camera and Aerosol disinfectant solution,” added Mehan.

“Our UV disinfection and nano-photocatalyst technology based air purification solution eliminates up to 99.99% of airborne pathogens. This option is available for most of our cabins as a straightforward upgrade of existing air conditioning circuits, or as a quick-to-install independent air purification system.

One of our cabin wellness solutions is an unobtrusive infrared themal camera, which monitors each passenger’s body temperature as they enter the cabin. This triggers alerts that can also enable building management to track and notify passengers who may be unwell.

Additionally, our aerosol disinfectant dispenser can be programmed to operate during working hours to sanitise the elevator cabin. By regularly delivering a safe antiviral and anti-bacterial spray, a clean and secure environment for passengers can be maintained at all times,” concluded Mehan.

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