ACG offer one-stop solution for pharma companies

S R Shivshankar, CEO ACG Films, and Foils

WITH the launch of a state-of-the-art lamination facility at Shirwal, ACG has become India’s first in-house complete packaging solution provider for oral solid dosage formulation for the healthcare sector. ACG Films & Foils business is the first in the country to manufacture primary packaging material from the basic raw material (resin) to the finished films and similarly from raw aluminum foil to the final laminate.

The machine uses superior European technology that allows lacquering, laminating and a combination of both processes, for cold form laminates, blister lid foils and a wide range of specialty aluminum laminates. The final laminates produced from these machines are used by the pharmaceutical companies for packaging and protecting the medicines in capsules and tablets dosage forms. In addition, all products of ACG Films & Foils meets international standards such as DMF- USFDA, European Pharmacopeia, Canada -DMF, ISO certifications.

At the launch, S R Shivshankar, CEO, ACG Films & Foils said “Our Shirwal facility is now a one-stop solution for pharma companies when it comes to the packaging material for capsules and tablets. The launch of our new facility has further strengthened our product portfolio. For packaging operations, there are certain regulatory requirements that need to be fulfilled, such as, safety, protection, suitability, compatibility, quality control, and stability of the packaging material. At ACG we are committed to partner with our customers and provide superior quality and ensure traceability of every batch supplied.”

ACG Films & Foils has two manufacturing facilities catering to the pharmaceutical and allied industries across the globe – one in India and the second one in Brazil. They manufacture a wide range of high-quality barrier packaging films for the Pharmaceutical, Medical-device and Healthcare industry. High barrier materials prevent the permeation of water vapour, oxygen, light, and gas in and out of the package. ACG Films & Foils has sales offices, slitting units and warehouses spread across the globe.

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