To bridge the skill gap for GIS industry

ESRI India, country’s leading Geographic Information System (GIS) Software & Solutions provider has launched ‘Esri India GIS Academy Programme’ (EIGAP) for teaching, learning, and research purposes.

The company is also making its flagship ArcGIS Technology available to universities at a special price. The 12-month license includes core components of ArcGIS Enterprise, ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Online, and many another web/mobile apps.

Commenting on the announcement, Agendra Kumar, president, Esri India said, “There is a considerable demand of high quality and well-trained GIS professionals across industries and sectors in the country. We are committed to building a strong GIS ecosystem in the country through academia and industry. Our programme will help in bridging the skill gap and enable university students to acquire the best of GIS knowledge”.

Conscious of the skills gap in the GIS space, Esri India is making strategic investments to train talent by making the technology accessible and affordable. This programme will bring a transformation by not only skilling the students with the latest GIS technologies but also promoting its adoption in India.

The programme is available to all Universities and colleges who plan to or are already teaching GIS in their curriculum. The programme includes access to software, curriculum, and training resources to equip the institutions to impart best of the GIS skills to their students in various disciplines. Esri India has been supporting the academia through training the resources and equipping them with the GIS know-how through other programmes like GIS Academia Council and mApp Your Way.

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