ShopClues eases the way for unbanked Indians to purchase essentials

SHOPCLUES, India’s leading online marketplace for real India, has just made life simpler and safer for millions of Indians who don’t have bank accounts so that they can easily purchase their essentials at a minimum threshold price. This service is being made available via the TrueBalance app which is live on the ShopClues website. 

ShopClues has introduced much required lucrative deals for its customers living in the smaller towns and villages in India that include value packs starting at INR 79, detergents and home-care starting at INR 15 and personal hygiene products starting at INR 25.

“Our biggest concern is that people of all economic strata need to stay home during this lockdown and should not need to venture out for any of their daily essential purchases. ShopClues is now making it convenient by enabling simple modes of payments for people to make their purchases on our platform. We are doing the best we can to serve the millions of people who need these services in the comforts of their home so that collectively, we can fight COVID-19,” said Sanjay Sethi, Chief Executive Officer, ShopClues, on the move to enable True Balance app and True Credits on the platform of ShopClues. 

The company is taking all measures to ensure that customers who are staying home to follow social distancing rules are serviced efficiently and productively through its e-commerce platform.

ShopClues had announced its partnership with Indo-Korean fin-tech company, Balance Hero that operates the True Balance app and True Credits in March 2020.

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