First 737 MAX airplane for Jet Airways

JET Airways, India’s premier international airlines received their first 737 MAX airplane from Boeing recently. The airlines become the first Indian carriers to fly the new and improved 737 airplane, which delivers a double-digit improvement in fuel efficiency and improved passenger comfort.

The new 737 MAX is a critical element to our future growth strategy and we are proud to become the first airline in India to introduce this brand new airplane to our customers,” said Naresh Goyal, chairman of Jet Airways. “The 737 has been the backbone of our dynamic fleet for many years and we are excited to leverage the superior capabilities of the new 737 MAX. The improved economics and efficiency, as well as the passenger-pleasing features of the MAX, will enable us to strengthen our position as India’s premier airline.”

Jet Airways is India’s second-largest airline with a fleet of 119 aircraft serving more than 65 destinations across 15 countries across Asia, Europe, North America and elsewhere. This represents the first of 150 737 MAX airplanes Jet Airways has on order with Boeing, following two separate orders for 75 jets placed in 2015 and earlier this year.

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