New incubator for uprising social stars

LIKE APP is a new social video platform that has popped up in Russia during the last few months. Hundreds of thousands of teenagers and kids joined this app to show off their personalities in this “magic dreamland”, as many Likers (fans of LIKE) call it.

The app’s success hasn’t been limited to Gen Z, either. Many popular influencers on Instagram and YouTube are now LIKE users too. What’s more, LIKE has proved itself as a perfect incubator for talented people.

Recently, Michelle Kennelly, a social star who just released her new song ПоколениеНиков, tested the water in LIKE by starting a #ПоколениеНиков challenge, which exceeded even her expectations: in only two days, more than 11,000 people joined her challenge and over 30,000 music videos were made with her song. Thousands of shares of these videos on other social platforms made the song even more popular in Russia. According to Michelle Kennelly, she has discovered a new way to use her music to interact with her fans.

LIKE APP is gaining attention for its stunning magic effects and has topped the App and Google Play Stores of Russia and neighboring Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, among others. A article entitled “What do children actually do when they are sitting on the Internet”, described LIKE as one of “the most frequently used applications” where children are singing and dancing to entertain themselves and others.

As more and more users join LIKE APP and show their talents to the world, LIKE is proving itself as a new incubator for rising social stars. Those who have a talent can take a shot at becoming the next big social media star.

LIKE APP have invited users to come and share their talents with over 40 million international users at


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