Route Mobile expands global footprint

Rajdip Gupta

ROUTE Mobile Limited (Route Mobile), a leading global cloud- communication platform service provider is expanding its operations by opening new offices in Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Uganda. Route Mobile’s experience in offering a range of communication services to businesses will enable it to tap into these markets.

The surge of modernisation in the telecom sector in all these regions has substantially opened up avenues for businesses and investments, offering a steady upward growth and making these countries lucrative business hotspots open to innovative solutions.

Speaking about these new centers, Rajdip Kumar Gupta, managing director & group chief executive officer, Route Mobile Limited said, “These offices are strategically positioned to help foray and reinforce the Route Mobiles’ presence in the local and global markets. These newly opened offices serve well the Route Mobiles’ vision of connecting the world through mobile technology, helping customers, partners and employees prosper locally and globally. This move is in alignment with the Route Mobiles’ strategic growth plan and gaining market prominence in these regions.”

In the Indian subcontinent, the telecom sector has immense potential for business opportunities; there is a young customer base with an increasing demand, and governments offer business-friendly policies, making countries like Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh viable business destinations. Thus, an improved presence in the subcontinent will facilitate Route Mobile’s market penetration in these countries.

Uganda too offers a competitive and fast-growing telecom market in Africa, due to their sweeping reforms that have reduced barriers to market entry and made international investment easier.

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