Pidilite’s step towards driving creativity

Shantanu Bhanja, CEO, consumer products, Pidilite Industries

PICILITE Industries have launched Fevicreate, an initiative that is aimed at unleashing creative thinking amongst school children.

The initiative seeks to supplement traditional teaching methods with a structured approach of ‘learning by doing’, incorporating creativity right into the learning process. The aim is to give children a platform to fully explore their potential, build their self-confidence, train them to think out of the box and ensure their all-round development.

Pidilite launched the initiative with a panel discussion featuring eminent panelists from different walks of life like Purnima Sampat, founder director – Art4all, Zenobia Nankani, counsellor, Art Therapist and Soft Skills Trainer, Bharati Pitre, artist and Papier Mâché sculptor who shared their insights on the importance of creativity in the lives of young children. There was also an address by Nishit Kumar, founder director and MD, Center for Social Behavior and Change Communication who was the chief guest for the event and spoke about the importance of going beyond rote-learning and developing right-brained skills to succeed in life.

According to a report by Sylvant Advisors and GyanLab titled ‘Creativity and the Indian Education System’, 100 percent of the corporates surveyed said creative thinking is a key skill they’re looking for in prospective employees. However, 50 percent of the parents that took part said that the present-day education system does not foster creative thinking among students. Even more, about 50 percent of them don’t see themselves having much of a role to play in fostering creativity in their children’s learning process, with that being the responsibility of the school instead. Therefore, 96 percent of parents and 94 percent of corporates believe that schools need to make more of an effort towards inculcating creative thinking among students.

It is this gap that Pidilite seeks to address through development of unique content and by partnering deeply with schools to ensure that creative tools such as arts and crafts is harnessed in a structured manner to ensure that the students are able to comprehend concepts more intrinsically in a fun, unburdened fashion.

Shantanu Bhanja, CEO, consumer products, Pidilite Industries, said, “We view creative thinking as a very critical skill for the growth of a child. Therefore, through this initiative, we aim to enhance creativity amongst children and to provide them a platform to realize their potential. We have put together the Fevicreate programme to provide children with opportunities to hone and display their artistic skills and widen the scope of their imagination. More so, with this initiative, the brand endeavours to introduce new learning methods to our education system leading to more rounded development of the child, and to therefore give them the best chance of an even brighter future.”

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