NSE offers 25% rebate in annual listing fees

SMALL & Medium Enterprises (SME) are the backbone of India’s growing economy. NSE launched its platform ‘EMERGE’ in 2012 and since then has been facilitating the SMEs for raising funds, listing and trading on the Exchange. Till date, 209 companies are listed on the platform and have raised more than Rs 3200 crores. Understanding the importance of the role played by SMEs in the Indian Economy, NSE has always been at the forefront of providing handholding, facilitation and assistance to the SMEs.
The corona virus (COVID 19) outbreak is an unprecedented global situation that all countries are dealing with in terms of its human and economic consequences. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared COVID 19 a ‘pandemic’. The Government of India and various state governments have been putting in place several measures to combat the spread and transmission of the virus.
SMEs have been hit hard by the stoppage of economic activity. Some of the SMEs are under enormous financial stress to meet their obligations. During this difficult time, NSE is committed to supporting the government in the nation’s battle against the pandemic and in providing assistance to alleviate the difficulties faced by the ecosystem especially the SMEs due to Covid 19.
In view of the challenging times faced by the SMEs, NSE has decided to provide 25 per centage rebate on the annual listing fees to the SME companies currently listed on the EMERGE platform of the Exchange.

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