Kushal CREDAI to focus on health and safety measures at sites

AS the construction industry is now gearing up to restart the work at several project sites post lockdown, CREDAI-Pune Metro at the initiative Kushal CREDAI organised a two-day online seminar for its site engineers and managers to implement best practises for health and safety for labourers at sites.

With focus on hygiene protocol and implementation of other requisite safety measures at construction sites, the webinar hosted by Abhijit Achalare, Secretary, Kushal, CREDAI and led by Mahesh Shelote, a health and safety professional highlighted topics including post COVID-19 precautions and guidelines, BOCW- the engineers’ responsibility, working at heights and safety in scaffolding and fire safety measures.

Members of CREDAI-Pune Metro including Ranjit Naiknavare, Vice-President, J P Shroff, Chairman, Kushal and Labour Welfare Committee, Sapna Rathi, member of Kushal CREDAI along with members of CREDAI-Pune Metro, CREDAI Maharashtra and Engineering and Safety Staff of members organisations attended the webinar.

Before restarting the work, Shelote suggested that a layout of the work area needs to be created for all the projects to follow hygiene protocols, which would include single point entry, mandatory thermal scanning stations for everyone entering and exiting, material handling and planning, food consumption guidelines and daily sanitisation schedules for labour camps, toilets and work area among other steps.

“As per the new working norms, detailed training of the labourers is necessary. Along with social distancing, there should be a total ban on non-essential visitors at sites and a checklist records of workers need to be maintained, which can be used if any Corona affected cases are found. Education on hygiene should be conducted for all workers along with regular health check-ups and in case of new labourers entering sites, they need to be quarantined for 14 days. If there is an emergency then a medical officer should be informed the person should be kept in the isolation room for few days. There should be provision of larger crèche room to enable social distancing of children. These guidelines are to be prepared to resume work at sites after the lockdown period, which will help break the chain of COVID-19 spread,” said Shelote.

In July, CREDAI-Pune Metro will conduct a competition for the best implementation of safety measures at the sites to ensure the well-being of the labourers on the parameters highlighted in the webinar.

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