deAsra encourages entrepreneurship, promotes job creation

MILIND Shalgar, owner Shalgar Hosiery; Neha Sarang-Lagu, director Lagu Bandhu Jewellers; Dr Vinay Koparkar, founder & director, Papillon Hair & Face Clinic; Mandar Desai, owner Desai Bandhu Ambewale, and Hanmant Gaikwad, founder and owner of BVG were honoured by Dr Anand Deshpande, founder of deAsra Foundation and founder, CEO of Persistent Systems.

deAsra Foundation, a not for profit organisation from Pune, recently held their annual Entrepreneur Excellence Awards function at Dewang Mehta Auditorium, Persistent Systems, Pune.

The Entrepreneur Excellence Awards is deAsra’s way of celebrating entrepreneurship and providing a forum for the success stories of established entrepreneurs to be shared with a wider community. This award also aims to provide aspiring and existing entrepreneurs with an opportunity to learn from their journeys.

The dignitaries shared their experiences, especially challenges, and how they overcame them. They also discussed what inspired them during their entrepreneurial journey.

The dignitaries also felicitated champion entrepreneurs from deAsra’s entrepreneur community, who are setting an example by living their dreams of becoming successful entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs are a part of deAsra’s 8000 strong entrepreneur community which has benefited from various deAsra services, in various sectors such as food, fashion, beauty and more.

On this occasion, Dr Anand Deshpande said, “deAsra is now focusing on a highly growing segment of urban service jobs for scaling. For this, most of the tools and resources, including checklists required for any small business entrepreneur is now made available online. Any assistance required by the entrepreneur is provided through a telephonic call or on Google hangouts. Packaging the service solutions is something we are hoping would be of great help to all entreprenurs.”

During the discussion, Hanmant Rao Gaikwad encouraged entrepreneurs by mentioning that he had a vision at a very young age, to do something on his own, and with that, he wanted to contribute to the progress of the country. “If an entrepreneur persistently continues to work towards his/her vision, soon dreams will become a reality. He encouraged entrepreneurs to believe in themselves even in the toughest of times,” he said.

Shalgar mentioned how product innovation can be a USP of any small business. “Over a period, Shalgar Hosiery has been creating new products as per customers’ demands and has created a brand which offers clothing for the entire family under one roof,” he opined.

Talking about breaking the stereotype work profile/ profession, Dr Vinay Koparkar said, “I was the first doctor from my generation who started a men’s salon with skin treatment service for men. Critics and negative comments never stopped me from learning different techniques and implementing them. I believe hair cutting is also a science. My efforts in research and my belief in my products and service have led me to be where I am today.”

Mandar Desai of Desai Ambewale, said, “For over 87 years we have successfully maintained the trust of our customers. This is important in every business. This trust helps your business grow successfully.”

Gemologist and jewellery designer Neha Lagu said, “Today’s customers are very selective in their requirements, and we have to be sensitive to their needs. Understanding their requirements and customizing designs to their likings is the key to our success.”

In an endeavour to provide a platform of recognition, the dignitaries also felicitated deAsra champion entrepreneurs from similar sectors.

deAsra Foundation has been a strong support to existing and aspiring small business entrepreneurs, providing knowledge, tools, templates, and services through the portal,, to overcome the challenges they face while running or starting a business.

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