Chalet Hotels lights up virtual hearts across its hotels

HOTELS in the portfolio of Chalet Hotels Ltd.have come together to spread the message of solidarity, resilience and strength in these testing times, as they lit up virtual hearts across each of their properties. Standing out in the night light, amidst empty roads, and the unusual silence in the busy metro cities, the hearts which were visible far and wide, had citizens appreciating the gesture and seeing it as a ray of hope, for good times to come.

Speaking about this initiative, Sanjay Sethi, MD & CEO, Chalet Hotels Ltd said, “With the lighting up of #LightsofLove, we endeavor to share a sense of hope during these difficult times. We also express our gratitude to the brave hearts facing challenging circumstances to deliver services to the public. We cannot forget our own colleagues on duty at the Hotels providing services to our guests. Our Hotels have also opened doors with food and refreshments for the police and other personnel on duty, along with providing packed meals and personal protective equipment. Together, we shall tide these tough times.”

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