Atlas Copco to expand range with innovative products

ATLAS Copco Oil-free Air and Compressor Technique Service Divisions, leading providers of sustainable productivity solutions held a global sales event between April, 16 and 19 with over 900 participants from 68 countries. Several product innovations in compressed air and gases were launched for the low, medium and high-pressure markets. The new products will set new standards in reliability, energy efficiency and serviceability and are all part of the smart AIR solutions concept.

Smart AIR Solutions are complete air or gas solutions designed to provide our customers with the lowest life-cycle costs for their equipment. They combine compressors, blowers, and boosters with quality air solutions such as air dryers, coolers, nitrogen generators, filters or energy recovery solutions, fully optimised to operate together in the most efficient and reliable way. Their smart AIR solutions apply to all customers and not only include products but also services.

A total of 12 new products were launched with each individual product being optimised for the best possible performance in energy efficiency, reliability, and air quality.

New low-pressure blower ranges include ZB and ZM centrifugal products, ZS rotary screw blowers and ZL lobe blowers. These products are extensions of the existing ranges with new compact designs increasing installation flexibility.

The brand new ZT 90-160 VSD/ ZR 90-160 VSD+ and GA 90+-160 (VSD+) air compressors provide compressed air with significant energy savings compared to previous generations. The new ZH 1000-3150 centrifugal compressors were introduced, extending the flow ranges and energy savings for the larger customer, and the new ZP high-pressure air cooled pack range for customers requiring pressure up to 42 Bar.

To complete the product launch, three new quality air products were introduced with a new innovative range of MDG rotary drum dryers with a guaranteed dewpoint of -400C and minimal energy consumption. New space saving twin filter design, and a new activated carbon tower range.

In order to maximise control and monitoring for complete compressed air systems, Atlas Copco developed their new Optimiser 4.0 central control and monitoring system. It optimizes a compressed air system through a selection of the most efficient combination of air compressors and dryers while assuring the supply of the required pressure or having balanced running hours to minimize service intervals.

Moreover, Optimiser 4.0 is fully Industry 4.0 compatible, enabling the Internet of Things and the digital integration of the air compressed system with other intelligent networked devices to improve equipment performance, enhance predictive maintenance and further increase energy efficiency.

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